Water Testing

Buying a home is a significant investment in your financial future, as well as your health and well-being. Ensure the water you will be drinking is safe.  Drinking water contamination from piping may be exposing you to harmful chemicals that you can’t see, taste, or smell. Safeguard yourself and your future.

Water samples are taking during your home inspection or a scheduled appointment, sent in for analysis and lab results are returned to you within a few business days. Result are in an easy to read report that will describe what may be in your water supply, levels in the water as well as recommend solutions.

Well Tests

If your water comes from a private well, we recommend testing for groundwater contaminants with our VA/FHA-compliant test packages. 

Our basic well test tests for bacterial growth, naturally occurring arsenic, lead from old pipes, as well as nitrates and nitrites from nearby surface runoff.

City Tests

If your water comes from the local utility, it’s likely disinfected with chlorine to prevent bacterial contamination.  Meanwhile, about 25% of US homes test positive for lead, copper, and other plumbing related toxins.

Our basic city test analyzes 10 of the most common piping contaminants–such as lead, iron, and nickel–along with general properties like pH.

*This test is a separate water quality test from what is performed by a licensed water well driller or licensed pump installer during a property transfer septic inspection or any water quality test required by law for any Wisconsin municipality.

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