Thermal Imaging

An Infrared Inspection can save homeowners thousands of dollars by pinpointing problem areas before they are visible and more costly to repair. Let us use our Certified Residential Thermographer training, building science knowledge and FLIR IR camera to help evaluate and look for issues with:


Moisture within walls, insulation or other building material may indicate leaking pipes, condensation issues or other problems leading to corrosion, mold, and mildew.


Identify excess heat on apparatus and detect electrical issues such as loose connections, faulty fuses, defective breakers, damaged switches, overloaded or imbalanced circuits.


Detect excessive heat due to fatigued bearings, motors, compressors, fans, pumps, and humidifiers etc. Thermal imaging in some cases is helpful in detecting leaks in supply and return ducts which otherwise my go undetected.


Locate poor and missing insulation by comparing temperature differences with surrounding areas.

Air Infiltration

Reveal air leaks around windows, doors, and other building envelope structures.

Destructive Pests

Hunt down burrowing and nesting insects and rodents before expensive damage occurs.